Why do you need a website?

importance of a website

As a start-up SME, we all do we want to change the world . The idea comes with which we feel we are solving a huge problem. But when we start bringing it all under the roof, we just really feel it is true it is not easy to explode in the market .

But keep in mind that even the biggest were beginners – Bill Gates wasn’t born with a Windows logo on his forehead either. However, no matter what segment your business starts in, you can be sure of one thing: today, the 21st. century, it is inevitable that your SME be present in the online market as well.

Today, almost everyone is online

Maybe you’ve heard of that coronavirus pandemic how much it boosted companies ’online presence. As a result of the restrictions, the restaurants and service providers have invaded the website creators with reality – which, of course, is completely understandable, since the online world is the escape route for everyone, the last resort.

Of course, you could logically deduce from this the erroneous conclusion that you really only need a website because of the corona virus – and that is not the case at all.

Just think of it as you walk down the street and you see a poster that grabs your attention. When you get on public transportation, you think you’re looking for it.

And you won’t find anything.

Has the company ceased to exist? They don’t have the money for a website, but a poster? Don’t understand marketing? Confidence in the business immediately disappears.

Or take another, much more common example.

If you want to go anywhere, you type in the search engine to shop, confectionery and more, then maps shows the nearest locations . If your competitor has a website and you don’t, they are much more likely to choose them, unlike you. Namely, because whoever has a website is considered to be much more reliable.

The biggest advantage of your own website is 5 + 1

For better transparency, we have broken down into separate points what are the benefits of having a website in 2021, you’re also thinking about your own website.

# 1 Much cheaper than starting a business offline

To open a traditional store, you need to have a storefront and make the cost of maintaining it.

Part of the revenue goes to overheads, rent, and ad hoc maintenance work. And then we didn’t even talk about having to pay the various types of taxes (like personal income tax, business tax, and we could still go on the line), and if you have an employee, you also have to produce his salary.

By launching the website, you can keep maintenance costs to a minimum, as you need a maximum of one warehouse, an online interface, and the rest of the revenue remains yours after taxes are paid.

# 2 You can get more customers

As you can see from the statistics above, many more people are shopping online today, and that number will only grow in the future. People are increasingly trusting webshops, and logistics companies can even take your package to the other end of the world in 2-3 days with a little exaggeration.

You don’t have to, or don’t necessarily have to, think online, as you can even target the entire European or overseas market, where there are plenty of potential buyers waiting for you.

Of course, it is worth noting that a larger market also means more competition.

# 3 You can build your own brand

THE brand building today it is essential for you to survive in the market in the long run. The one they don’t see, the one they don’t look for, the one they don’t read will sooner or later drop out.

The fluctuation in the online market is very high anyway. Many come and many go, as few really understand how they can operate profitably for many years to come.

One of the keys to that is to provide a quality product / service , know your target audience and let them get to know you too – so have a branded one. If these three things are met, nothing will save you from becoming a successful entrepreneur sooner or later.

# 4 Because your competitor has it too

I know a bagatelle argument, but the numbers show that most businesses today, roughly 60% have a website. But let’s reverse the situation: if you have a website and your competitor doesn’t, you start with a huge competitive advantage.

# 5 References

Would you like to work with a professional who can’t show you any previous work? Certainly not. You’d rightly think of it as an avid beginner or an unreliable, self-proclaimed professional who only applies for your money. However, by showing your references, you can dispel any doubts about bad feelings.

+1 You are much less likely to experience the negative effects of an epidemic

Of course, we can’t go beyond that either the online world is not directly affected by the coronavirus epidemic. And that means longer plannability and a secure livelihood — which is an invaluable feeling in these times.

The 3 biggest difficulties in starting a website

Of course, the coin always has two sides. Nothing is black or white, so there are also difficulties in launching the website.

# 1 Basically expensive

It can be a bit controversial: if it’s cheap, how can it be expensive? And the answer is that it is a matter of point of view.

It’s really cheaper compared to an offline, traditional store. However, if you are looking for a website developer with good references, it is possible that up to 500 euros (roughly 160-70 thousand forints) for a website. And in many cases, a novice entrepreneur doesn’t have that much money.

# 2 "It's never done"

If you ask anyone how your website or webshop is now, 9 out of 10 people start listing what else to do with it. There are always design elements that can be replaced or just changed in css, html code.

And then we didn’t even talk about the content of the site, and SEO: we need website text, someone who sees and structures through our search engine optimization glasses, controls our website. And for that, it’s pretty hard to find a really good professional, or if you do, you usually have to wait for them.

# 3 It takes a lot of time and energy

Developing a website isn’t just about telling the developer what color the header should be.

You often have to negotiate, refine, customize, until finally the page takes on the shape you want. And maybe we don’t have to say that it takes a lot of time, energy out of your valuable time.

We also experience day-to-day how complex this problem is, as we are in contact with a lot of customers on a daily basis. Do you still remember the introduction when we wrote that as a beginner, everyone wants to change the world? We felt the same way when we recognized this need.

That’s why we sat down and thought about it pretty slowly. What if we could solve this problem? What if we could bridge the problems with a complex solution?

This is how The idea of WebsitExpo , which, after lengthy planning and preparations, was finally realized.

What is WebsitExpo?

We envisioned a site, a platform where you as a start-up entrepreneur can easily and quickly buy your own website.

The concept is that you have nothing to do but choose from our offer the website that best fits your business profile, or to you. We will then redesign this website according to what extra elements (content or design elements) you need.

When implementing WebsitExpo, we sought a solution that would allow all we check the disadvantage of launching a website , that is, we solve.

# 1 Available cheaply

One of the most important aspects was that of our websites be available for anyone to buy! With us only 50 – 250 euros You should consider the amounts between and when you are thinking of starting a new personal or business website (most websites are available between 100 and 200 euros).

And that amount includes moving to a hosting provider and uploading content.

# 2 You can save time and energy

We don’t have to meet for weeks on how to design, or how big and what shape a CTA should be. We do all this for you! We do detailed research and design websites to be suitable for customer acquisition and excellent online appearance.

And this can save you not only time and energy, but also a lot of autumn hairs: since in a predictable way, we will hand over the website to you as you have chosen it from our offer (of course, there are also possible modifications and extensions).

# 3 Fast and no need to wait months to finish

It follows that you are the solution is quick and you don’t have to wait weeks, months to get your website up and running. With minor changes, you can receive your long-awaited website from us within 1 day.

+1 No two pages will be the same

One of the biggest disadvantages of platforms like this is that they do not sell websites but templates, which raises another problem: similar websites are created until they talk to each other.

To avoid this, we developed the concept that we only sell each website onceOnce someone has purchased the site, we take it off our offer and put up a new one instead. This constant fluctuation gives you the necessary plus that other sites like ours don’t have.

So this means that you buy a website, not a template .