Webshop ideas – What kind of webshop should you start in 2022?

The effects of the coronavirus epidemic saw online shops take off, and the boom has continued ever since. Of course, this has sparked the imagination of many, because who wouldn’t want a slice of the ever-growing cake? 

Here are some ideas to inspire you. Let’s take a look at how to open an online shop in 2022!

What kind of online shop should you open?

The question itself seems simple but the answer is much more complicated. It’s best to start an online store that is related to a hobby, interest or, even better, passion. 

That’s only one part of it, of course; the other is the maths. 

What is the demand for the products? How saturated is the market? How much time investment does the webshop require and how long will it take to pay for itself? 

It is usually said that the larger assortment should be broken down into a so-called niche market.

What is niche and why is it good?

Think of a niche market as the smaller part of a large set. But it might be easier to understand if we give you an example. 

You love dogs, so you decide to open a dog webshop selling food, toys, clothes and accessories. Then, when you start surveying the market, you see that the market is as saturated as your air conditioner’s calendar in the summer. Then you have to pick a small segment, a niche within that, that you want to address. 

For example, you decide to sell cute dog clothes. You’ll have a much smaller product range, much less competition, and a much quicker, easier way to get ahead on Google. 

So the list below is worth looking at while your mind is racing: what niche market could I possibly target? Well, enough of the buzz, let’s get to the ideas!

#1 Online fashion store

Online fashion stores could be a real boom, if you think of market-leading giants like Zalando or About You. It’s hard to compete with the big players, but it’s not impossible. 

If you like fashion, choose a niche market that interests you within it. Do you love blazers? Are you all about sneakers? Are you selling board shirts or rocker t-shirts? There are plenty of opportunities within the clothing webshop, you just have to find them. 

#2 Cosmetics related webshop

The cosmetics and make-up webshop is always popular, but there is also a lot of competition for customers’ favour. It’s worth going for the organic, vegan, free or cruelty free lines, for example. 

Better still, get in the ring with homemade products such as soap, skin or hair oil. Own-brand products can also make a big splash anyway, with the right marketing, social media and SEO background, of course.

#3 Online t-shirt printing webshop

There’s a huge demand for print T-shirts, but here too you need to find the market where you can really make a big splash. With on-demand services, you don’t actually have to print the T-shirt yourself (so you don’t need any supplies at home), but a third party, a specialist printer, does the printing for you.

They can be pet-related designs (for example, someone prints a picture of their dog on a T-shirt, with a funny text, even by memeing it). But you can also take a shot at women who like contemporary poetry, with a quote, or even go for a vates or art line.

#4 Sell your handicrafts!

Handcrafted products are always a big hit, especially if you put your own unique spin on it. These can be, as mentioned above, cosmetics, hand-woven clothes, hats, bags, purses, basically anything you enjoy making.

#5 Webshop selling glasses, tumblers

Canteens and so-called tumblers are in their heyday. Made of stainless steel or even bamboo, these very trendy and stylish canteens are not only sustainable, but also keep cold drinks cool and warm drinks warm. 

#6 DIY, tools online store

Back in the day, the absolute winners of the coronavirus epidemic were the various online shops selling DIY stuff and tools. 


Because people were at home, bored and tinkering. And the trend has continued, with more and more people buying tools for their homes and learning how to tile, carpentry or tiling, for example, because of the increasingly drastic shortage of skilled workers.

#7 Online store for vitamins, supplements and nutrition

Health plays an increasingly important role in people’s lives. Most nutrition websites target athletes, but you can also build your website around a disease. This is especially credible if you have a personal involvement and are willing to talk about it openly. 

For example, if you suffer from coeliac disease, you can start a gluten-free shop.

#8 Online store for drought tolerant plants

Unfortunately, more and more garden owners are facing climate change and the associated drought. There is a growing demand (and with it a growing potential) for web shops that offer advice and assistance on drought-tolerant plants. 

So if you are a garden owner and you are interested in gardening, it might be a good idea to start a gardening related webshop. 

#9 Creative interior design articles

If you’re interested in interior design, the first idea that comes to mind is of course a webshop dedicated to decor. Yes, but here too the market is saturated. What you can do is choose a direction, preferably one that really amazes you. 

For example, you can have a shop selling only vintage decorations, boho chic, retro, or you can create a shop sorted by colour. For example, if someone’s main colour in their home is mustard yellow, they can choose from a selection of better and better mustard yellow decorations. So the possibilities here are endless, but it’s definitely worth finding a common ground where your interests and the market’s meet. 

#10 Baby-mom webshop

What can a young parent identify with the most? A baby-mom webshop, of course! Here too, it’s not difficult to find a niche market that you can exploit. 

Can be

  • clothes,
  • baby formula,
  • special food, 
  • baby shoes, 
  • baby cosmetics,
  • specific skill-building games, 
  • summer games, 
  • bathing and the rest is up to you. 

It’s worth talking to friends and acquaintances with young children to 

what problems they encounter when looking for a product, 

what they found difficult or impossible to get, 

or what they found little information about. 

The micro market research makes it much easier to find the niche market on which to build an online store. 

Want to start your own webshop?

Once you’ve got the world-changing idea and the market research, all you need is a professional to make it happen. Check out our discount packages and choose the one that’s right for you.

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