The Concept

The operating principle of WebsitExpo is based on a completely new concept, which is different from the traditional process of website purchasing. The only task of our clients is to scroll through our offer and choose the website most suitable for them – This all would be much more complicated with a traditional web developer.

About the idea


We came up with the idea of WebsitExpo while doing a market research, which made us realize that the purchase of a website might be very difficult for small enterprises, sole proprietors, and individuals.

We developed a solution which makes the process considerably easier, faster, and cheaper. Our goal is to make website purchase available for everyone, thereby providing the opportunity of online presence for more companies


And how does this concept look like in practice? First, we create the websites that we want to sell in advance and upload them to our assortment. Then, every client has the chance to select the best one for their preferences.

All our websites are uniquely developed, we don’t use templates, which means that we only sell each website to one client. Before developing a website, we thoroughly research the structure, customer experience and content of other websites made for similar companies.

Why do we need this?

When developing a new, innovative solution, the question is always there: is there a need for it? So, let’s see a few reasons why we consider WebsitExpo a useful novelty.

WebsitExpo is needed, because…

How does it work?

The most important stages of WebsitExpo’s operating principle (what we do in the background):

Target audience

The first step is always deciding what kind of company or companies do we want our website to be suitable for.

Market research

We do thorough market research based on other similar companies’ websites, so that we can find an ideal structure and content base for the new site.


Based on our own ideas and on the information gathered, we start developing the website, which in most cases will be ready within 2-5 days.


We upload the website and its description to our Shop page, making it available for all visitors and clients.

Targeted Marketing

We start the targeted advertising of the site and address relevant enterprises with different marketing techniques.


The sale of the website is arranged through the platform of WebsitExpo, where the clients can indicate their intention of purchase.


In order to maintain uniqueness, every website is sold only once, this means that we remove the site from our shop section right after the successful purchase.


If needed, we'll make smaller modifications and expansions based on the clients’ demands, and then we deliver them the final version of the website.

About the websites

What should you know about our websites – the most important information for our visitors and clients:

Website Gallery

Purchasing Process



You can select the most suitable website from our constantly expanding shop section. 




You can request the website by submitting your personal/company details.




We will contact you and discuss the details of invoicing and occurrent modifications.



Expansion/ Modification

We expand/modify the website according to the agreement.



Uploading the content

We upload your content and media files to the website. 




When the website is completely ready, we transfer it to your hosting service provider and domain name. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch! We constantly expand our offer, but of course it’s not guaranteed that everyone will find just the perfect website for their needs. In this case feel free to contact us, and we will develop the required website for you.

If you purchase as a private individual, we will need your personal data (full name, address, etc.) and your contact data (phone number, e-mail address).

If you purchase as a company, we will need company information (name, registered address, tax number, etc.), and the contact data of the person representing the company (phone number, e-mail address).

You will have to pay for the website after we arrange the details in a phone call, and you will receive the invoice via e-mail.

You will be able to make payments with two different payment methods: bank transfer or PayPal transaction.

The amount of time between the request and the final delivery entirely depends on the expansion/modifications needed.

You have two options in this case:

  1. You take it in your hands and write the content yourself. Since you know best what you want to communicate through your website, you will be the one who can write it best. In some cases, we can help with what type of content fits different parts/pages of the site.
  2. For extra charge we can provide content writing too, delivered by professional writers, based on your demands.

In this case we can either help you in finding a suitable host and domain name, or we can entirely manage it for you.

No, that’s all. The website is operable without special maintenance and available for everyone.

Got a question? Contact us!

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