Technical analysis of a website

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  • The package includes the following:
    • Performance Analysis
    • User Experience Analysis
    • Security Analysis
    • Responsiveness Analysis
    • Design Improvement Suggestions
  • Analysis delivery through e-mail
  • Delivery deadline: within 10 working days from the order
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If you have an existing business website or E-commerce website and are you curious about its current technical condition, then this service is for you.

We offer an efficient and comprehensive solution for every website owner operating a business website or an E-commerce website.

This service allows you to gain insight into the current condition, performance and efficiency of your website.

During the analysis, we examine several important elements to provide a complete picture of your website’s technical condition:

  • Performance Analysis: We measure the speed and performance of the website. We examine loading times, page response times and any potential problem areas. This will give you accurate information about slow loading times or potential speed issues that can be improved.
  • User Experience Analysis: User experience analysis helps identify areas where the website can be made more user-friendly. Based on the analysis, we make recommendations for improving user experience, such as navigation issues or hard-to-reach content.
  • Security Analysis: We check the security of the website and any potential vulnerabilities. This informs you of potential threats and allows us to take the necessary measures to strengthen the security of the website.
  • Responsiveness Analysis: We check whether the website meets the requirements for mobile-friendly features. This includes touch controls, optimal button sizes, mobile menu design and mobile-specific elements. Based on the analysis, we make specific recommendations on how to improve the mobile-friendly user experience.
  • Design Improvement Suggestions: We will send you a list with suggestions for improving and rebuilding certain sections.

After completing the analysis, you will get a complete picture of the performance and efficiency of your website. This allows us to precisely identify areas for improvement and take targeted measures for optimization.

With the Website Analysis service, you can relax about the state of the technical aspects of your website and achieve an effective, successful online presence after further development.

The complete analysis will be sent to you by email in PDF format within 10 working days from the order.

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