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Car Services Website – 2 is recommended to entrepreneurs working in the automotive industry. The appearance required for this sector is provided by thoughtfully selected pictures, wherewith the website attracts clients interested in car-related services.

This website was designed for you if you have a car painting, polishing, washing, mechanic or even a car import shop, as it provides an opportunity to reach potential new clients.

Being a multi-page website, it can communicate a broader amount of information to visitors than a single page variation. Car Services Website – 2 includes 6 separate pages, of which 5 is to be found under the menu points. These pages are the following:

  • Homepage: it provides an overarching image about the whole website, includes useful information in all sections and encourages the clients to visit the other pages too.
  • About us: an introductory page where you can talk about your company and your personal story.
  • Portfolio: pictures about your previous works, in a gallery with different categories.
  • Services: here you can introduce your services in a short description, and encourage visitors to contact you.
  • Contact: providing opportunity for your clients to contact you easily, either through an application form or by means of the given contact data (e-mail, address, phone number, social media links).
  • Privacy Policy

Of course, we can change the media files to your own photos, and we upload the content free of charge. If you wish to add anything else to the website (for example a blog where you can write to your clients about tips regarding your work field, or an application form to one of your services, etc.), there is also an opportunity for that. You can find the expansion options and information about them in the list below.

You can find further information about the purchasing process here, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Important: if your enterprise isn’t one of those listed above, but you like the design of the page and could imagine it as yours, don’t worry – this site is designed in a way so that we can retailor it to almost any other kind of business, only using small modifications.


Content Upload yes
Theme Astra
Premium Theme yes Astra Pro
Menu items 5 HomePage, About, Portfolio, Services, Contact
Number of Pages 6 HomePage, About, Portfolio, Services, Contact, Privacy policy
Contact form yes On the Contact Page
Newsletter no
Ask for proposal no
Cookie notice yes
Cookie policy yes Only the page without the content.
Caching yes
Blog no
Gallery yes Category based gallery on Portfolio page. 
Google maps no
Social Media Buttons no
Client Reviews yes On the HomePage
0/5 (0 Reviews)
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