Basic SEO Optimization

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Services to be performed in the basic optimization package for websites created exclusively in WordPress include:

  • Creation and setup of Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.
  • Correct indexing of websites, updating, and submitting the sitemap.
  • Setting up meta titles and page descriptions.
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Basic content optimization (inserting keywords, internal linking, anchor texts, reducing duplicated content, etc.)
  • GT Metrix report – before/after.
  • Page Speed Insights report – before/after.
  • SEMRush report – before/after.
  • Delivery deadline: 10 working days after placing the order by email.
  • After placing your order, you will be contacted by email or phone to provide your site credentials.
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What is basic SEO optimization? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility (prioritizing) of websites in search engine results.

Optimizing the meta titles and meta descriptions of pages refers to the process of creating and optimizing specific HTML elements of web pages appearing in search engine results.

The meta title is an HTML tag (usually <title>), which provides a brief description of the web page content. It appears as a title in search results and also appears on the user’s browser tab or window. An optimized meta title should be relevant, concise, and contain keywords related to the page content.

The meta description is another HTML tag (usually <meta name=”description”>), which contains a more detailed description of the web page content. It appears in search results below the meta title, providing additional information to users about what they can find on the page. An optimized meta description should be persuasive, contain relevant keywords, and be of appropriate length to display correctly in search results.

The optimization of the meta title and meta description of pages is important for SEO as these elements influence how pages appear in search results and can determine whether users click on the links. Optimizing meta titles and descriptions by inserting relevant keywords and writing engaging descriptions can help improve the visibility of pages in search engines and increase click-through rates.

Website speed optimization means improving the performance of the site to make it load faster and more efficiently for users. During optimization, we improve the speed, performance, stability, and reliability of the site using methods such as minimizing the size of images, regularly clearing cache, deleting unused plugins, removing unnecessary codes, and implementing responsive web design. The benefit of optimization is that the site becomes faster, improving user experience and conversion. Fast loading times help provide a better experience for site visitors, increase user engagement, and reduce bounce rate. Additionally, Google’s algorithms consider page speed in ranking, so optimization can help the page achieve higher placement in search results.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that allows website owners to track the activity and behaviour of visitors to their site. With this tool, website owners can understand how people use the site, which content attracts the most visitors, how visitors arrive on the site, and how much time they spend on the site. The data provided by the tool includes the number of visitors, time spent on the site, geographic location of visitors, number of current visitors and links to the site. The data is usually presented in the form of graphs and tables, and the tool offers a range of options for website owners to analyze and interpret the data. The tool has unique features such as automatic reporting, custom goal tracking, demographic data, behavioural flow, and a long list of tools that help website owners understand their site visitors and improve site performance.

Search Console is a free tool offered by Google for website owners and SEO specialists. The tool allows users to better understand how their site is perceived by Google’s search algorithm in order to improve their site’s ranking in Google search results. Search Console includes several useful features such as checking the site’s indexing status, click-through rate, keyword search statistics, reporting errors and issues, and link analysis. The tool helps users identify and resolve technical issues on their site, such as broken links, missing meta descriptions or incorrectly configured URLs. The tool plays a crucial role in website optimization, allowing users to track their site’s performance in the search engine and improve the quality of their site, which can increase the number of visitors and conversions.

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