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With the increasing trend of online shopping, a trend that’s expected to grow further, businesses selling physical products can greatly benefit from launching a web store. Starting an online store is cost-effective compared to running a physical storefront and can potentially yield higher revenue for your business.

e-commerce store development
  • Located in Târgu Mureș, Romania (Mureș County), our web development agency operates from our office at Tudor – 1 December 1918, No. 128. In the past two years, we’ve built a substantial portfolio, creating over 150 websites and e-commerce stores.

  • Our agency excels in creating custom e-commerce stores, prioritizing a deep understanding of our clients’ specific needs and business models. We believe that a well-functioning online store is a crucial asset for any business that sells online, and therefore, we pay close attention to every detail. Focusing on clear communication and understanding, we make sure our clients are fully informed about the web development process. We take the time to go over every detail, in both online and in-person consultations. Our services are not confined by location; we are ready and eager to work with clients both locally and internationally.

How wework?


We arrange a meeting with our clients, either in person or online, to gain a deep understanding of their business, expectations, and specific requirements.


After discussing and understanding the specific details, we proceed to map out the design and functionalities for the proposed online store, and then establish a timeline for the development process.


Following the plan we've developed, we begin the implementation phase, which typically spans 3-5 weeks. During this entire process, we maintain ongoing communication with the client, regularly seeking their feedback to ensure the online store aligns perfectly with their expectations.

What weoffer?

Responsive web design

Every e-commerce store we develop is equipped with responsive web design, guaranteeing a seamless shopping experience for visitors on any device they use.

Custom functionalities

We meticulously design custom functionalities for each online store, aligning closely with our clients' expectations to ensure the creation of their ideal e-commerce platform.

SEO and UX optimization

We ensure that all our online stores are optimized for SEO and offer a superior user experience (UX), providing a strong basis for a robust organic online presence.

Security measures

To protect our e-commerce stores, we employ stringent security protocols, effectively shielding them from attacks and malware to maintain their safety and integrity.

What our clientssay?


What our clientssay?


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Basic Package

A beautifully design and user-friendly online store that opens the doors to e-commerce, enabling you to generate sales online. 



Medium Package

A bespoke, SEO optimized e-commerce store with impeccable functionalities, designed to display your products and generate online sales.


Advanced Package

A tailor-made e-commerce store with exceptional user experience, enabling you to exhibit an extensive array of products and dominate the online market.



What is basic SEO optimization? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a process of increasing (favouring) the visibility of websites or web pages in search engine results.

  • Creating and setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts
  • Correct website indexing, sitemap updating and submission
  • Setting meta titles, page descriptions
  • Optimising loading speed
  • Basic content optimisation (keyword insertion, internal linking, anchor texts, reducing duplicate content, etc.)
  • Sending report on site loading speed, measured on different devices
  • Use of trusted themes and plugins during development.
  • Activation and setting of the SSL certificate, obtained through hosting.
  • Using strong passwords.
  • Limiting login attempts: we use a security plugin that limits the number of failed login attempts and blocks IP addresses that try to force access to the administrator account.
  • Firewall and security filter.
  • Activity monitoring and access logs: we use an activity monitoring plugin to record and monitor user actions in WordPress. It can help identify suspicious behaviour and potential security threats.

Can be added to each package for a fee:

  • newsletter implementation
  • automatic AWB generation
  • automatic invoice generation
  • AI chat implementation
  • section implementation for Wishlist
  • implementation possibility to buy vouchers
  • implementation section for tracking discount codes

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