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Mi van, ha nincs a vállalkozásodnak weboldala?

What are the disadvantages of not having a website for your business?

Our world is constantly evolving. Just think, what if you had said you didn’t plug in your phone, listen to the radio or watch TV? …

website startup tips

Useful tips for starting a website

Whatever business you start, it is often said that starting is always the hardest part. There’s the paperwork, finding the right accountant, billing program; in …

Launching a website during a coronavirus

Launching a website during a coronavirus

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has fundamentally changed our daily lives. The epidemic has been with us for a year and we still don’t see the end.

However, we entrepreneurs have also learned from the coronavirus: it is not enough to just be present offline.


Website rental or purchase? Which is the better decision?

When you want to start a new website, there are usually two choices. One is when we launch our website on a so-called rental site – which means we rent a website. The other is to buy a complete website. Of course, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

importance of a website

Why do you need a website?

As a start-up or SME, we all want to change the world. The idea comes with which we feel we are solving a huge problem. But when we start to put it all under the roof, we just really feel that it’s certainly not easy to explode in the market.

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