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WebsitExpo, established in 2020 and based in Târgu Mureș, is a web development agency dedicated to simplifying the process of website acquisition, ensuring it is straightforward and available to everyone.

Benkő Edina

Co-Founder, Project Manager

She’s the original thinker behind WebsitExpo, coming up with the main idea and taking on much of the work to get it up and running. She’s incredibly creative and hardworking, always tackling problems with great determination. A big part of her success in starting WebsitExpo is her ability to quickly learn new skills.

She has a degree in information technology, but her years of experience as an entrepreneur have shown that she’s really good at creative projects and tasks.

At WebsitExpo, she handles project management, stays in touch with clients, and looks after the finances and accounting.

Besides her work at WebsitExpo, she’s also co-founded another business, SEOlympic, which focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Makkai Mátyás


He’s the co-founder of WebsitExpo and plays a crucial role in both implementation and management.

He’s a hard working and ambitious person,  committed to providing the best service to customers and adept at resolving any issues that arise.

Although he holds a degree in computer science, his interests align more with marketing and sales, areas where he excels.

At WebsitExpo, his responsibilities include developing marketing strategies, handling various administrative duties, and focusing on internal development.

Besides his role at WebsitExpo, he is also a co-founder of SEOlympic, a company specializing in Search engine optimization.

Bende Csilla Boglárka

Web developer

Web developer! Csilla is fully committed to ensuring your website both looks great and functions smoothly.

Known for her hard work, creativity, and excellent team spirit, she consistently strives to excel and meet every client’s expectations.

With a background in computer science, Csilla is perfectly suited for tasks that demand both creativity and technical skill. She’s particularly adept at adapting to new projects and has strong problem-solving abilities.

At WebsitExpo, she focuses on the design and functionality of websites and sometimes also contributes to creating social media posts.

Kovács Norbert - Loránd

Web developer

Web Developer! Norbi is working full-time to ensure every website is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Known for his endless patience, strong work ethic, and adaptability in new situations, he is also an excellent team player. He brings fresh ideas to the table every day and consistently seeks to add value.

Norbi began developing websites as a hobby during his studies and found such a passion for it that it turned into his profession.

He excels in the design and implementation of websites, always aiming to innovate while maintaining a clean and user-friendly interface.

Pál János-Attila

Web developer

Our Junior developer! Attila is dedicating his full-time efforts to ensure each website is visually appealing and functions seamlessly.

As a junior developer, he’s known for his patience, strong work ethic, and eagerness to learn new design techniques and methodologies for websites. He’s also a valuable team player, always looking to make the most of each day and continually learning something new.

Attila began his journey in web development while studying Automatics and Applied Informatics, where he took a course in website development. His passion for the field grew so much that he’s now working with us.

Currently, he’s honing his skills in the design and implementation of websites, continually expanding his expertise in the area.

We're dedicated to supporting

the growth of your business.


We make it a priority to have a personal or video chat session with each of our clients. This allows us to thoroughly discuss and comprehend their business needs and requirements. Armed with this essential information, we then commence the development process, crafting a website or e-commerce store that is tailored to best meet their specific needs and interests.

We are here

To help your business grow!


We sit down with each of our clients (personally or via video chat) in order to discuss and understand their business and requirements. Once we have all the necessary information, we start the development process and create a website/webshop that best serves their needs and interest. 

The story ofWebsitExpo

The concept of WebsitExpo was born out of a market research initiative conducted by our search engine optimization company, SEOlympic. Our analysis primarily focused on websites belonging to small and medium-sized enterprises. We observed that many of these sites had outdated designs and were not effectively competing in the online marketplace.

This observation led us to question why many business owners and professionals were not striving for higher quality websites. By 2020, it has become abundantly clear that a strong online presence is crucial for every company. We began to explore what obstacles were preventing these businesses from enhancing their online footprint.

Could it be a lack of budget? The absence of a skilled web developer? Maybe a shortage of time or energy to focus on development? Or perhaps a simple lack of expertise in this area? These reflections led us to understand that launching and maintaining a new website is a significant challenge for small businesses, sole proprietors, and individuals.

Identifying both the problem and the target audience was a pivotal moment for us. What remained was to devise a new approach that could effectively address all these issues. This was the genesis of WebsitExpo, born out of the need to provide a comprehensive solution. We now offer a service that makes having a website accessible to everyone, regardless of their challenges or constraints.



Our company's primary objective is to extend the reach of our services to as many small businesses as possible, thereby assisting them in their journey towards digitalization.


As we progress, our aim is to grow our team at WebsitExpo. This expansion will enable us to broaden our range of services and expedite the development process.


Our primary goal is to be recognized as a reliable and trusted company, known for our effective solutions, client-focused approach, and positive client feedback.

Our Partner - The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company


is an online SEO company focused on aiding the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises through organic search engine optimization. Established in 2018, it has successfully managed over 150 projects in the past years and serves clients globally.

The collaboration between WebsitExpo and SEOlympic is rooted in their synergistic areas of expertise.

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