About Us

WebsitExpo is a web development agency founded in 2020 based in Târgu Mureș, that aims to make the purchasing process of a website easier and more accessible to everyone!

Benkő Edina

Co-Founder, Office Manager

The originator! She came up with the main idea of WebsitExpo and bore the brunt of the implementation and the creating as well.

She is an outstandingly creative and diligent person, who always embarks on solving problems with the highest determination possible. One of her core strengths which proved to be essential in creating WebsitExpo is being able to learn fast and acquire completely new skills in a short period of time.

She has an information technology degree, but based on her several years as entrepreneur, creative projects and tasks have proved to be more fitting for her.

At WebsitExpo, she is responsible for managing projects, keeping in touch with clients and managing finances, as well as handling the accounting within the company.

Besides WebsitExpo, she is also the co-founder of another online business, SEOlympic, which provides search engine optimization services (SEO).


Makkai Mátyás


Co-founder! He has an important role in implementation and management.

He is a fair and honest person who always tries to serve customers as well as possible and to solve any occuring problems.

He also has a degree in computer science, but similarly to his co-founder, he is not really interested in this profession. He is more interested in marketing and sales related tasks, which is what he does best.

At WebsitExpo, he is involved in managing the office, carrying out various administrative tasks, as well as focusing internal development.

In addition to WebsitExpo, he is also the co-founder of SEOlympic, a digital marketing company.


Bende Csilla Boglárka

Web developer

Web developer! She is the one who works full time on making your website look and function at its best.

She is a hardworking, creative person and a great team player. She always tries to do his best and meet the expectations of every client.

Csilla also studied computer science, so she is a great match for tasks that require creativity and design. In any new project, she is very adept at reinventing herself and has good problem-solving skills.

At WebsitExpo, She works on the outlook and functionality of the websites and occasionally takes on the creation of Social Media posts as well.


Kovács Norbert - Loránd

Web developer

Web developer! He also works full-time on making each website look and function as well as possible.

He is endlessly patient, hardworking and good at handling new situations, while also a great team player. He tries to make the most out of every day and always has something new to offer.

Norbi initially started developing websites as a hobby while studying. He loved it so much that now his work is also his hobby.

He feels most at home in the design and implementation of websites. He always tries to create something new, while keeping the website clean and clear.

We are here to help your business grow!


We sit down with each of our clients (personally or via video chat) in order to discuss and understand their business and requirements. Once we have all the necessary information, we start the development process and create a website/webshop that best serves their needs and interest. 

The story of WebsitExpo

The idea of WebsitExpo originates from a market research which we started with our search engine optimization company (SEOlympic). The websites we were analyzing mostly belonged to small and medium-sized enterprises, and in many cases their design was a bit obsolete and they weren’t competitive on the online market.

Seeing these websites, our first question was: why are these business owners and professionals not aiming for a better quality? This year (2020) certainly made it clear, that online presence is extremely important for every company, so what’s the obstacle?

Not having a budget for it? Lack of a competent web developer? No time or energy for being concerned with the development? Or maybe they are just not adept at it? At this point, we realized that launching and maintaining a new website seems to be a serious problem for small enterprises, sole proprietors, and individuals.

We discovered the problem to be resolved and the target group at the same time, so the only thing left was to create a new method, which provides a real solution for all the above mentioned problems… That’s how WebsitExpo was born, and it now offers an opportunity to have a website for everyone!

Our goals


The main goal of our company is to get the solution created by us to as many people as possible, this way providing help for them in the process of digitalization.


Over time, we would like to have a staff increase at WebsitExpo, thereby expanding our offer on websites, and accelerating the process of development.


Our main goal is to be present as a reliable, trusted company in the online world, based on our solutions, our approach, and the feedbacks of our clients.

Our Partner Company - SEOlympic

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company

SEOlympic is an online SEO Company, which aims to help the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises by organic search engine optimization (SEO). The company was founded in 2018, managed more than 100 successful projects in the last two years, and it works with clients from all over the world.

The partnership between the two companies (WebsitExpo and SEOlympic) is based on their mutually complementary scope of activities.