The Easy Way To Your Website!

We develop customised Business Websites and Webshops for You!

THEN choose the Easy Way!


The Easy Way To Your Website!

We develop Customised Business websites and webshops for You!

THEN choose the simple solution!

About WebsitExpo

The WebsitExpo web development agency offers ready-made, unique and customized WordPress websites at affordable prices!

Leaving behind the outdated website development concept, we have reevaluated the process of buying websites and developed a solution that is equally efficient, economical and fast!

The websites that we develop are dynamic, SEO compatible, and last but not least, have a great design, so they are guaranteed to ensure an excellent online presence!


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How can we help you?

Business Website

A well-designed, professional Company website allows you to reach more customers online! This will be your personalized, highly productive advertising platform where you can present your company and services, showcase your work and experiences, while also allowing visitors to get in touch with you.  


A User-friendly, reliable webshop can easily multiple the income of your company. As the number of online sales and orders continues to grow, it’s easy to understand just how big of an opportunity is for your business to not only sell in physical stores, but through online webshops as well!

Social Media

Whether you are running a hotel, making jewellery, providing a service or you’re a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, it is important to know that a properly built Facebook image and communication can be a significant asset and advantage for any business. 

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Why is a ready-made website beneficial?


You get what you see! You can choose the right website design for yourself in no time, which we will then tailor to your business with minor changes or extensions! Without any misunderstandings or setbacks, you can see in advance what you’re getting for your money!


Since we sell pre-made websites, we only need a few days to deliver the final version to you. The actual delivery time depends solely on the requested extensions and the content to be uploaded, so in case of minor changes and prepared content, you can pick up your finished website within 24 hours!


Our prices are affordable to anyone! Most of the ready-made websites in our offer only cost between 100-200 euros, and this price also includes minor changes, uploading content and migrating to your hosting provider! There are no monthly fees or hidden costs, and the choice is exclusively yours!


WebsitExpo is the perfect choice for business owners or individuals who want a great website but don’t have the time and energy to deal with it for weeks. We provide a simple and convenient solution that does not lag behind the traditional path when it comes to the end result.

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Our Solution is Good for:

You, if...

If you fall into one of the following four categories, WebsitExpo is the perfect solution for you!


You have a hobby that you love and want to share with the world? Want to run a blog? Do you need a professional website to strengthen your personal brand? You just simply want to be present online, but don't have a big budget to spend on your website?


You feel it’s time to not only help your clients offline, but also make some profit of your expertise online? Need a reliable website where you can share your professional experience and gain more clients?

Small business

You know that your new business needs a website, but you don’t have a big budget for it? You'd like to replace your old website to attract more visitors and customers/buyers? You're planning to expand your company and need a new website for it?



You are a person who has already realized the importance of online presence by 2020, so instead of waiting, you act and take control into your own hands by launching an excellent personal or business website!

Choose the perfect website for you!


Have a look at our offer and feel free to grab one of our great-looking, dynamic website!

Got a question? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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